Tuesday, September 16th - 12:53 A.M.


Dear Valued Customer,

Congratulations to Joan Sarisky, winner of our monthly customer education contest for March.   Joan is a customer of our partner, Service Electric Cablevision (CATV Service, Inc.), and is now the proud owner of an Amazon Kindle Fire with $100 in Amazon Gift Cards!

Are you ready for our next contest?

Have you seen any phishing attempts this month?  Almost everyone has.  When you receive an e-mail that appears to be from your bank, Internet provider or any other service provider, it may be phishing.  Phishing allows criminals to use your personal information for their own benefit or profit.  That’s why it’s important to look for clues to identify whether the message is legitimate or a scam. No matter how many times we remind our customers, there are new scams and new victims every day.   That’s why we have created a mock email with step-by-step tips that can indicate a phishing message attempt.  You’ll find it at www.ptd.net/securitytips.  Then, visit the bottom of the page to enter our monthly customer education contest for your chance to win $200 in Amazon Gift Cards.

These e-mails sometimes appear very real, even when they’re not.  In fact, some of them claim to be from us here at PenTeleData.  Please note, PenTeleData will never ask our customers for personal information in an e-mail. Anytime you receive an e-mail announcement from us, it will also be posted on our website so that you can verify its authenticity. Visit the ptd.net website and look in our news section, under e-mail announcements. To access the site directly, visit www.ptd.net/ennouncements.

Thank you for your business and continued support.


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